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It’s no secret that one of the big perks of heading out into the wilderness for a weekend camping or hiking trip is the beautiful simplicity. Getting away from all of the stuff that we clutter our every day lives with and switching off from social media provides an intense feeling of calm and really helps to recharge. But, there are some camping, hiking, and outdoor supplies that quickly prove essential to helping you maximize your enjoyment simply because they provide a little extra convenience and quality while still fulfilling essential functions.

Here’s our top 3 camping, hiking, and outdoor supplies you need for your next outdoor adventure:

Water Bottle

Don’t be deceived by how commonplace a water bottle has become. When it comes to toughing it in the great outdoors, you need something sturdy, lightweight, and that can be used to safely drink river or lake water should an emergency arise. If you’re looking for the most affordable and utilitarian option, you can’t go wrong with a classic steel water bottle. Be sure to get one with a high heat rating that way, should you need to, you can use it to boil water from a river or pond to make it safe for drinking or cooking. Should you want something a little flashier, you can’t go wrong with a water bottle with a built-in UV light bulb to purify water from any source in just a minute (which is faster than you can fetch wood, build a fire, and boil water.) These bottles tend to be pricier, but they are able to provide about 7 ounces of potable water before needing to be recharged.

Utility Knife

By far, a good utility knife is one of the most critical and useful things that should be on you every time you venture outdoors. One with multiple attachment blades is the most practical. Specifically, you want a good blade of about 4 inches in length. That’s long enough to accomplish most jobs but not too large for detail work. A saw blade can prove invaluable, too, should you need to make an emergency shelter. Also handy is a can opener, for everyday camp use; screwdriver, and pliers, which can be used for everything from fixing equipment, and removing porcupine quills and slivers from your skin.

First-Aid Kit

Most standard first-aid kits will need to be added to in order to be truly useful and prepare you for anything. In addition to bandages, gauze, triple antibiotic ointment, foam splint, and a few triangle shaped clothes, you should also add sunblock, insect repellent, and an all purpose salve that can double as a moisturizer and rash cream for insect bites.