GUTA Tire Pressure Monitoring System - 8 Sensors, 7 Alarm Modes, Large Screen, Endurance Battery Life, Long Sensing Distance, More Convenient Sensor Pairing Method (0-188psi) (-4~185℉)



  • 🌎7 Alarm Modes🌎 GUTA tire pressure monitoring system can monitor your tire pressure safety in real-time and provides 7 kinds of alarms (high and low-pressure alarms / high-temperature alarms/sensor low battery alarms / fast tire leak alarms/sensor data loss alarms/display low battery alarms). (the alarm icon is very intuitive) Allows you to focus on long-distance travel or freight. Guard your driving safety. Rain or shine.
  • 🌎Large HD LCD screen/ Endurance Battery Life🌎 GUTA tire pressure monitoring system’s 3.9*3.0*0.98 inch large-size LCD makes your reading clearer and brighter. Automatic darkens at rest and brightens when dynamic, saving energy. The tpms display can observe up to 22-24 tires (including two spare tires) , and the content includes temperature (°F / °C) , pressure (PSI / BAR) at the same time. 4 hours can be fully charged, and keep sustainable work for up to 12-14 days.
  • 🌎Longer Sensing Distance🌎 The sensing distance of GUTA tire pressure monitoring system sensor is about 30 ft. But don’t worry about the distance. We equip each model of tpms with a repeater (EXCEPT FOR 4-WHEEL MODEL) so that the sensor signal transmission distance can reach a maximum of 80 ft. The high-quality sensor can monitor the tire pressure value in the range of 0-188psi, the tire temperature value in the range of -4~185℉. More powerful, more durable, and easier to install and remove.
  • 🌎Convenient Sensor Pairing Method🌎 GUTA tire pressure monitoring system has 2 methods of pairing sensors. In the first method, the code can be paired without sensor installing on the vehicle, as long as it is close to the monitor. The second is to install the sensor then code it. You could chose first method which wil avoid the inconvenience of too many tires and too long vehicle length. You just could sit down and match the sensors one by one, then install the matched sensors on the tires.
  • 🌎Set the High and Low Tire Pressure Alarm Value for Each Axle/ Switch Button🌎 GUTA tire pressure monitoring system. Each axle can be individually set high/low tire pressure and temperature alarm threshold. The switch button provides you free to turn off this device.